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It all began back in 1998 when Richard Unsworth started up his own gardening business. It was just Richard, a van, and a passion for gardens and plants. Business flourished and soon he began thinking about combining his love of horticulture and design with his love of retail. And a few years later the Garden Life retail store was born.....


Opening its doors in 2002 in Darlinghurst, the shop quickly developed a reputation for stocking a unique range of pots, ornaments and plants to embellish urban gardens. The design studio opened soon after, followed by installation and garden maintenance. Growing a successful retail store, landscape design and maintenance business is no mean feat. And who better to combine forces with than your own flesh and blood? Enter Richards’s brother Michael in 2007.


Michael has a strong background in both retail and logistics and contributes greatly to the management of the business. Whilst Richard heads up the creative side of Garden Life, Michael ensures that the bold ideas that make Garden Life unique are turned into reality in the most efficient way possible. Richard and Michael have worked solidly together to create a highly successful business, currently employing over 15 staff and providing high end outdoor products and landscape design services to clients both locally and nationally.


We are continually looking for ways to inject our love of all things green into our surrounding environment, our clients and local community.


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